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About us

Our vision at is a world where kids grow-up and flourish without boundaries defined by society's definitions of what it means to be a girl or boy. We are providing clothing that represents their authentic selves. We are excited to bring to life clothing (and fun items) to represent who children are from the inside out.

We want to step out of the box from they typical designs you find in big box retail stores and bring to life visuals that validate their true authentic selves. We are passionate about expression and feelings. This brand exists to make sure we can all be our own unique bit of person and to move away from the forced-gender roles.

Genderbenderkids is a brand to redefine, and really, un-define what it means to be a kid, to be a human, to be yourself. Treat yourself with kindness, treat others with kindness, and just be you. We have created a category of clothing that speak to all kids no matter what their gender is, and we are hoping the parents understand this and can help us reach their kids and support them in whatever way they want to express themselves.

We believe in supporting non-profit organizations that share this same sentiment. 5% of our proceeds will go to a new charity every quarter.

Here are our stories and why exists: 

Theresa Trinidad, Co-Founder
"Growing up from a very young age, when I could tell people what I wanted, I had a very good idea of how I wanted to express myself. I knew that I wanted my long hair cut off. I knew that I was a t-shirt and jeans kind of kid. I knew the "girl" clothes, colors and designs were not speaking to me. My only other option was the "boy" clothes which also were not my favorite, but better than the girl ones. I loved legos, matchbox cars, and bmx biking. I stayed away from the stereotypical "girl" colored clothes and toys. I loved my blue & red Easy Bake Oven and liked to play with my little sister and her My Little Ponies and Rainbow Brite! I guess you could call me what society calls a typical "tomboy." My parents fully supported how I wanted to dress and what I wanted to play with.

The older me is now wise enough to know that I can create what I want to wear and provide this kind of clothing for all those kids who also want to express themselves how they choose. I hope you enjoy what we have "because it's fun being you!"

Gender Bender Kids Co-Founders Theresa Trinidad and Christie Brezina

Christie Brezina, Co-Founder
"I grew up climbing trees, playing kickball - all the kids in our neighborhood did. I played with my barbies, wore Strawberry Shortcake socks, and watched She-Ra, power princess - but not all the kids in the neighborhood did. Only the girls, sorry boys, this fun is not for you.

We girls who climbed the trees and played kickball were called "tomboys." A special name, why? I'm just being me. I climb trees, play kickball, love hide and go seek, and playing with Barbies. I'm me, my own unique brand and person!

As an adult, I see how all of the "boys things" and "girls things" are made up. What it means to be a "women" vs a "man" is just made up. Sure, what we are drawn to is innate, and perhaps some of that may have to do with gender. I believe it has to do with what others tell us is ok or not. It's time to let kids (and each other) be themselves. You be you, and I'll be me.