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5 Homemade Valentine Day Cards To Create With Your Kids

DIY Valentine's Day

I remember having to find Valentine's Day cards as a kid when my mom would take me to the store. I never really enjoyed the messages on most of them and struggled to pick out ones that I wanted to give to my classmates. I rounded up some that I think send a wonderful message or create a little laughter that all kids would feel comfortable giving or receiving. Spreading love in a way that sends a message that we all love each other for who they.
These cards are also fun activities your kids can create with a little guidance from you. What an enjoyable day of creating and having fun together! Whether you are sending them to classmates or family and friends, these handmade cards have that loving touch and personality from the person creating them. Have your child add their own flare, see some of ours below!
1) The Thumbprint Valentine:
Use a non-toxic water color pen or ink pad and create you own personal card with your thumbprint. Whether hearts, heart balloons or animals, so many ways to use that thumb to create!
Homemade Thumbprint Valentine's Day Card For KidsThumbprint Hearts Balloon Homemade Valentine Day Cards
We got our inspiration here. Other thumbprint animal inspiration here!
 2) The Funny Face Valentine:
Using your own lips with a little colorful lipstick and cutting out fun shapes to kiss the paper with! Use your creativity to draw funny faces on these fun packed homemade cards. Write a little note on the back if you desire! Ours is the first, our inspiration is the second.
Homemade Funny Face Valentine's Day Card for KidsFunny Face Valentine Day Card Homemade
3) You Rock! Valentine
So many kids love searching for and collecting rocks. This valentine idea takes those rocks and uses them in a fun creative way. Whether painting on the rock or using glue and glitter on the rock, so many fun ways for kids to decorate rocks and share them with their friends and loved ones. With a little glue, paint and glitter see the rocks come alive!
You rock valentine's day homemade cardYou rock valentine's day homemade card
4) You're a-MAZE-ing Valentine.
This kind of valentine has a great message and is fun! Whether you want a Free Printable Maze Card that we found or a more DIY project and have your kids trace out a maze on the card her are some printable mazes! The first pic is a printable and the second one is our own DIY!
Homemade Valentine Day Cards for Kids with a MazeHomemade Valentine Card for Kids with a Maze
5) Crayon Valentine:
Got a bunch of broken crayons or a ton of crayons you don't know what to do with? Re-use them with this super fun creative crayon Valentine Day's card!
Crayon Homemade Valentine's Day Card for Kids
Creating Valentine's Day cards is super fun for the whole family! Let your kids' creative juices run wild and see what fun, loving, crazy takes on these ideas your crew comes up with.
We would love to see yours when you are done, please share!!! Happy Valentine's Day Creating!

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